Lambeth Diploma Association


The following statement was received from the Lambeth Diploma Association, who generously agreed that, with the winding up of the LDA in 2014, the residual funds of the Association, when all obligations had been met, should be disbursed for the benefit of theological education. The residual finds were accordingly transferred to the AET for such disbursement.

The Lambeth Diploma Association (LDA) was formed as the organisation for alumni of the Archbishop’s Examination in Theology (AET), originally holders of the Diploma. Following discussion at the Lambeth Diploma Association AGM, the Committee was charged with assessing and making a final decision on the future of the Association. This move was prompted by the following circumstances: numbers attending meetings had dwindled over many years; the interest members undoubtedly felt in the Association had become largely passive, with little response to newsletters and appeals for views on the Association; changes in the Degree programme meant that fresh membership was unlikely to be attracted to this organisation. For all these reasons, it appeared that the Association lacked the critical mass to survive actively, owing to members’ other priorities or infirmity. Those present at the Committee meeting, supported by those unable to attend, voted with regret to draw the Association to a close.

            A closure meeting at Lambeth Palace took place on 26 February 2016 to receive the Accounts, and the Minutes of the last AGM and Committee Meeting of the Association. In ratifying the Committee’s decision to close, those present at this meeting wished to affirm the following on behalf of members of the Association:

  • All award holders, as alumni of the AET, value their qualifications and are grateful for the opportunities that these qualifications have provided for personal study and development, and service to education and ministry. None of these benefits to themselves or to the Church is diminished by the demise of the Association.
  • They have appreciated the fellowship of the LDA, and the encouragement and hospitality provided by Lambeth Palace.
  • At its inception in 1905, the Lambeth Diploma met the unprecedented challenge of providing women with the qualifications to enable them to teach Religious Education. Holders of the Diploma and the more recent MA are pleased to see that the tradition of meeting the educational challenges facing the Church continues in the provision of the latest AET Degree programme, and they pray for its success and the benefit it will bring to individuals and to the Church.

May 2017.